Landscape Maintenance

The Gardens also offers a wide variety of Landscape Maintenance services including grass cutting, strimming, hedge trimming, chemical weed killing, tree pruning, tree removals etc.


Landscape maintenance should only be undertaken by those who possess a deep horticultural knowledge and with that experienced enough to do so. Works completed should be carried out so as to ensure the development of the garden as a whole. Your garden is an investment and should be treated as such. Inexperienced personnel can unintentionally and unknowingly cost you hundreds if not thousands of euro in damage though over exuberant and uninformed pruning or via the reckless application of chemical weed killers.   


Contracting the right person for garden maintenance will save you far more in the long run compared to the cost of fixing/ replacing destroyed trees and shrubs.


Our trained and experienced staff possess the horticultural knowledge necessary to undertake this work responsibly. As a result you can rest assured that when you commission The Gardens to look after your garden you know you’re are in good hands!


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