Landscape Design

Who do we cater for? Everyone!


Our skilled design and landscaping teams cater for everyone whether you have just purchased a new house with little or no landscaping or looking to renovate an existing garden. 


Where to start? Design Considerations!


The first phase of the process is to schedule a design consultation, the aim of which is to ascertain what it is you want from your garden. One of our design professionals will complete a site visit to assess the site and practicality of implementing a design. Consideration will be given to factors pertaining to tree retention/protection/removal, drainage, ground levels / steep slopes, soil conditions, soil types, materials, boundary options, screening, etc.



Customizing a design for you!


A garden does not need to be the money burning pit some people perceive it to be. Instead it should be looked at as an extension of your home, be it functional, beautiful or just practical. The common perception that "the more you spend, the better the results", is partially true. However not always. A soft landscape design (horticultural derived) given time and some TLC can yield just as impressive of results with focus and perception weighted on horticultural input.


The perfect design is one that is functional and purposeful for you. If your gardens meets this criteria its upkeep should seem effortless. Some people want horticultural beauty, others low maintenance and practicality and others functionality. In all cases it should always be viewed as an extension of your home. Whatever the case may be, a successful consultation should yield a garden that literally works for you. It is therefore important that anybody invested in the design be present for the consult. Our design consultant will make recommendations as to how you can use the site or what features to add, materials to use and how to combine them. It is important that you give prior consideration to what you want from your garden before engaging the design consultant. 

Once a design brief is established our design consultant will develop it to overcome and include these challenges. 


The Site!


We would recommend when developing a site, to involve a design consultant as early in the process as you can. It is recommended that you obtain professional advise before undertaking works so as to give full consideration to such factors as the location of services, site drainage, tree removal /protection methods, earth stabilization and topsoil storage. The financial implications of overlooking these factors in the design program can be negligible when compared to the cost of remedies. 

Site preparation should not be underestimated. We can guide you through this process and ensure you do not fall victim to any hidden design faux pas' trying to get at those unbudgeted euros.  


The Design!


After the consultation our designer will draft a concept drawing depicting the design for your site, complete with all of the pre-agreed design features. If you are satisfied with the design it will be progressed to a scaled plan drawing. The design can be modified at this stage if it does not meet all of your criteria, individual needs, or requests. 


How much will it cost?


The cost of a design depends on a variety of factors and consequently is quoted on a case by case basis. Usually design and consultation fees are waived if the site is within a 20 mile radius, is less than 1/2 acre in size and if the client chooses The Gardens to progress with the implementation of the design. Otherwise there is a call out charge of €80 for consultations and €100.00 for the developed design masterplan. 


The design is presented in the form of a scaled Masterplan. The design will specify the square areas and dimensions of all hard-landscape features as well as being material specific. The shape and area of planting-beds will also be designated however detailed planting plans are not included as part of the service and would have to be specifically requested. Additionally excluded from the design package are detailed construction drawings and tree surveys.


If you have any additional queries please Contact Us or call in-store.  To check out a sample of the works The Gardens - Landscaping have designed and completed to date Click Here - Landscape Gallery