Garden Centre

The Gardens garden centre is owned and managed by the Mullarkey family and has been servicing the local people for over 40 years. Depending on the season the Garden Centre stocks a wide range of products, including ornamental trees & shrubs, fruit trees & soft fruit bushes, herbaceous & bedding plants, hanging baskets, window boxes, ornamental wood craft, decorative stone & bark mulch, firewood, handcrafted gazebos & garden furniture, locally produced honey and much much more. 

What's available and when?


While items such as firewood, compost, bark mulch & ornamental stone, potted trees & shrubs, hedging plants, etc are available year round, we also stock a large selection of seasonal products; some of which are listed below. 




Summer stock primarily includes a wide variety of summer annuals, herbaceous perennials, shrubs, fruiting trees and shrubs,  honey, etc.




Autumn is the most beautiful time of year to visit The Gardens. The established trees and shrubs throughout the grounds  put on the most wonderful display of autumn color. Most people buy for their garden's in the summer months and often do not consider the autumn beauty of some plants which if judged on their summer color might be deemed boring.  


We also supply other seasonal favorites such as apples, pears and plums. These are are freshly picked from our orchard and if requested can serve as a delicious treat as you peruse the garden centre.  




Winter is a time few associate with gardening but it really can be. Late autumn/ Winter is the time for bareroot plants (hedging & trees) Bareroot is natures own summer sale and there are huge saving to be made when compared to potted summer stock.


 If you are considering planting a hedge or multiple trees this is the best time to do so. Bareroot stock costs on average three times less than its potted summer counterpart. Don’t miss out! 


No Christmas is perfect without a natural Christmas tree to give you that “real-tree” fragrance, and with a variety of sizes available we’ve got just the one for you. Our trees are both locally sourced and have been planted as part of a sustainable Christmas Tree program. Additionally all Christmas trees are supplied with optional stands if required.

Other season favorites on offer in The Gardens include Horse Chestnuts, perfect for roasting over the Christmas holidays.




Spring is the season for bulbs. Ideally if you want results bulbs should be planted in the winter period but depending on the variety (tulips, crocus) can be planted during spring.


Winter and Spring are also the ideal time of year to inject some  life into planter beds by laying weed blocking geotextiles and bark mulch/ ornamental stone. During this time most weed seedlings are dormant and if covered with weed blocking membrane will not successfully germinate. Choosing the correct time of year to do this also means the use of weedkiller might not be necessary.

But what if you only know a little about plants /gardening and require assistance?


We are dedicated to helping our customers as best we can and understand that some people may need a little extra assistance when choosing the right plant or product for their garden. It is for this reason, over the last 30 years we have been busy planting a stunning variety of trees and shrubs within the grounds of The Gardens with the sole purpose of exhibiting them to our customers when they need a little extra help. We find that this enables the customer to compare the juvenile plant they are buying to its mature /semi- mature counterpart and thus a better idea of the plant they are buying in terms of its floral exhibition, colour, size, texture and form. 


Very few of our competitors have the grounds or the longevity of existence to offer such a service. We take great pride in our Garden Centre and embrace the opportunity to answer all of your horticultural queries and assist you as best we can.