Lawns, how hard can they be, right? Turns out, quite! Lucky for you we have an abundance of experience installing lawns in the less than ideal conditions presented in the west of Ireland. We have been building our expertise in this area over the last 15 years and have been especially busy accumulating the necessary machinery to ensure you get the lawn of your dreams. Topsoil importation may be necessary in some circumstances.  So if you're considering installing a lawn, please give us a call and we will strive to accommodate you as best we can.


Be aware that lawn installation can only be completed during the brief fine weather periods of late spring & summer. However thanks to our unique climate and unpredictable rainfall patterns booking backlogs can develop. This is a problem shared by all in the profession and to state otherwise would be deceptive. It is for this reason we only commit to a certain number of lawns per season. 

For more information please Contact Us or call in-store.